Tree & Plant Care

Our maintenance program will ensure long-time enjoyment of your trees, shrubs, and decorative plantings. Our services include general pruning and fertilization to the highly specialized treatments.
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With mature trees, the Sunflower ICT Tree Maintenance program emphasizes removal of dead and dying branches and the thinning of live branches in the crown – all to reduce the density of your trees and their resistance to wind, thereby protecting them from storm damage. We’ll also prune to maintain the proper shape and form of your trees.

Tree Fertilization

We’ll fertilize tree and shrub root zone for optimal growth and enhancement of shape and color. Our custom solution of nutrients, applied under pressure, feeds the trees and aerates the soil. Root fertilization is especially important here in Wichita, as in all urban areas.

Soil Analysis
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Insect & Disease Control

Sunflower ICT’s scheduled care of your trees will maintain their health. We’ll inspect your trees to identify any disease or infestation of pests. We’ll intervene, should biological control become necessary, using only organic, naturally based, reduced-risk products.

Plant Health Care

The plants in the beds and growing all around your yard contribute directly to the enjoyment and appeal of your property. Sunflower ICT will monitor the health of every plant around your home or place of business. We’ll care for those plants. We’ll keep them vibrant and healthy.

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Iron Treatments

Sunflower ICT will analyze the soil surrounding your trees, looking in particular for deficiencies of certain minerals. And then we’ll bring to bear the most sophisticated, least invasive technology capable of replacing those specific needs.

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Your Local Tree & Plant Care Expert

With over 30 years of experience, Sunflower ICT is ready and capable to handle all of your Tree & Plant Care needs.