Pest Control

A lush landscape will always attract unwanted attention from pests of every sort. Invaders who look at your lawn, trees and beautiful flowers as a new home, a place to do their worst.

Your First Line of Defense

We respond with proven treatments that will turn back any pests’ assault on your home. Our insect barrier, for example, stops bothersome pests dead in their tracks. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, insects and other pests will be precisely dealt with.

Sunflower ICT will guard your home, selectively on target every time.

Ant Photo Closeup

Insect Barrier

A lush landscape will always attract unwanted attention. Sunflower ICT responds with lines of defense stops these bothersome pests dead in their tracks.

Please be assured that the insecticides we use pose no dangers whatsoever to your pets, to playing children  – no threats at all.

Mosquito Protection

The most annoying of pests, mosquitoes can damage, even ruin entirely, your enjoyment of your outdoor lifestyle. So Sunflower ICT moves ahead of the problem, spraying those areas where we can interrupt the mosquitoes’ life cycle: in heavy foliage and other potential breeding grounds.

Mosquito Biting On Skin
Tick Skin Closeup

Flea & Tick Control

Ticks can be dangerous carriers of disease, while fleas lay in wait to attack your pets. We’re selective in our treatments, looking for specific areas to treat.

The repellant in our flea and tick treatment comes from the chrysanthemum flower.

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Your Local Pest Control Expert

With over 30 years of experience, Sunflower ICT is ready and capable to handle all of your Pest Control needs.