Lawn Care

A perfect lawn, green and welcoming, contributes to both the appearance of and the value of your property. With our Lawn Maintenance Program, you may assume the year-round good health of your grass.
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Fertilization & Weed Control

Rest assured that the Sunflower ICT program represents an efficient blend of science and long experience, most especially in our fertilization of your lawn and our control of obnoxious weeds. Look forward to the year-round health and beauty of your lawn.

Insect & Grub Control

Few threats to your lawn come so strongly and quickly to your lawn as do grubs. Grubs, the larvae of some nasty beetles, will eat up your grass in a heartbeat. But not with Sunflower ICT’s scheduled programs of control for grubs and other pesky insects.

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Fungus & Disease Control

Brown spots in your otherwise beautiful lawn almost always indicate fungus or some other turf-grass disease. Our Sunflower professionals will respond immediately, identifying the specific problem and applying all necessary treatments.

Soil Analysis

Thorough analysis of the soil in your yard means we’re looking for the nutrient content. We’ll adapt our Sunflower ICT program to the specific condition of your lawn, guaranteeing the nutrition and the protections necessary for the grass to thrive.

Soil Analysis
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Aeration & Seeding

Over time, the soil beneath your grass compacts and grass begins to die. Lack of air and water cause too few nutrients to reach the roots. Our core aeration will address the issue directly. Once the soil is healthy, we’ll lay down good seed to ensure a lawn thick and beautiful end to end. Let’s discuss the best way to give you the grass you want.

Mowing & Cleanup

Sunflower ICT will mow your property to your satisfaction. While most of our customers rely on us for regularly scheduled mowing, we can come less often to bring your grass into professionally mowed shape.

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Your Local Lawn Care Expert

With over 30 years of experience, Sunflower ICT is ready and capable to handle all of your Lawn Care needs.